Friday, September 23, 2011

Planning to Buy Sony? Think Twice!

On 23rd August someone bought a Sony Vaio laptop for me as a gift. An elegant, black, sleek E-Series model. But a few days and the touchpad stopped working. It was an intermittent issue, and since it was a brand new laptop and was well under warranty, I took it to the Sony Center from where I had bought the laptop.

They checked it and said there was no issue with the laptop and that it was working fine, which is why they refused to log a complaint. I couldn’t argue since it was an intermittent issue and so I couldn’t show them what was happening. I took it back home and after using it for a while it stopped working once again.

I used it for a couple of days since I was too busy to take it to the Sony Center once again, but by the middle of September I was ran out of patience. But this time the Sony Center had something else to say, without even taking a look at it they declared that it was a major issue and so I need to take it to the Sony Service Center, although it made me wonder what had changed within a few days time that the very same issue on which they had refused to log a complaint became a major issue for them.

So unable to find a solution with them I took it to the Sony Service Center. They said the same thing once again that they couldn’t find any issue with it so they would not be able to log any complaint. I was too tired to argue and came back home once again without a solution. But that very same night the issue started again and so I decided that I would drop it in at the Service Center and let them have a good look at it. Seldom did I know what surprise was in store for me.

The next day when I took it to the Service Center, the service engineer told me that they need to reformat the HDD and I need to take a data backup. I told them that I had already uninstalled/reinstalled the drivers, checked for any device conflicts (there were none), removed all external drives and checked, took the system back to factory setting but couldn’t find any resolution to my problem and so I didn’t know how would reinstalling the OS would help. They said that they still need to reinstall the OS and if I want a resolution I will have to comply to them.

Without a choice I had to leave the brand new laptop with the Sony Service Center and came back. But later I called them up once again asking for a replacement, I mean imagine your frustration when you buy a Rs 30k laptop and it goes broke within a months’ time. They said that they are not aware of replacements, when I asked them that whether they are “not aware” or they are “unable to replace” my laptop they continued to say the wrong English very firmly (and rudely) that they are not aware of replacements! When I asked whether they can give me my laptop on Saturday (I deposited the laptop on a Thursday) they said they are working on it and would not be able to tell me the turn-around-time! FYI, an OS reinstallation takes 1 hours, coupled with drivers and software installation it should take a maximum time of 2-3 hours.

Even more frustrated I called up the Customer Care at the Sony 1-800 number and as expected they said that they would not be able to replace the laptop either and that if I want any replacements I would have to mail them. I did. But by then I was at the end of my tethers and decided to end this nonsense. I called up Sony Service Center for one last time and told them that I am going out on a tour and need the laptop by the evening, they said that it was under observation and they, as usual, could not find a solution to my issue and so if I want I can pick it up anytime. When I asked what about the OS reinstallation they said that it does not need an OS reinstallation.

Now I have had it. I told the lady on the phone that when I said the same thing a couple of days back that it does not need an OS reinstallation why did they insist that it did? She said that they told me that to buy time from me! And that they can only replace the laptop had this issue been reported within the first 7 days! I wrote to Customer Care about the same and a Soma Bose replied, the replay was not spell checked and on the second reply I was being referred to as Mr Banerjee and not by my real name!

Dear Sony, why do you have to make your customer go through such a hassle? Is it just so that they run out of patience to follow up their issue with you or is it just so that they run out of warranty? And why can’t you spend a little more on Customer Service so that you can get some good Executives there who can atleast care to refer to their valuable (?) customers by their actual name. And ever heard of the word transparency? What happened to that when your Service engineers lied to about the OS reinstallation? And you know what, NO, I DON’T NEED A REPLACEMENT. I would rather sell this off at eBay and my next stop would be a HP store where I would buy a new laptop from a company that cares about its customers.

Readers, I am sure if you search the net you would find that the issue with the touchpad that my laptop had and the bad experience that I had with Sony and its Customer Service is not an isolated incident. This is what Sony does to its customers. So if you are planning to buy a Sony product, think twice. And please forward this to as many of your friends as possible so that they too would know what options to choose from while deciding a produc between Sony and any other "GOOD" brand like HP or DELL.

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aylamrin said...

Get a Mac !

Maximilian Kylén said...

Agree, get a Mac, they have the best costumer care and products by far! Had an issue with a MBAir that they couldn't fix for some reason and they sent me a brand new one, a faster newer model even, without a hassle and apologized deeply for the malfunctioning one :)

video message said...

one of my classmate in college had a vaio. although it was an eye-candy initially for some of us... she soon faced a number of problems. poor thing... we were in bangalore, originally from calcutta. there were no leaves as such in colg. even if she took it... issues were not solved.

and another story of my frnd. he was almost forced to buy a sony xperia mini from mobile store. they had none on display. they forced a sealed pack. the battery wud last only for 3hours... 6days and 14 hours... and he sold it of at lesser than half price for a samsung mobile. :(

Jessica Smith said...

But I appreciate Sony! i have a TV and i'm very satisfied with its picture and sound!!! Ti Albums

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