Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happening Month - July

Okay, so this month's been pretty happening for me. Last week, on Sunday, I went to South City Mall to watch Delhi Belli at Fame. Had some time in hand, so thought about getting a grub at Spencer's at the basement.

Once inside Spencer's I ordered for a Blueberry Muffin, Samosa and Tea. After paying for the food, when I turned while carrying them in my hands (point to be noted: both my hands were blocked), I felt someone brushing past me in a hurry. I knew something was wrong, my Spidey sixth sense was at work! And once I checked my kurta's pocket I found by wallet missing!

So I lost my tickets to Delhi Belli, my bank cards, my DL and a lot of other useful trash that I cram my wallet with, apart from losing my favorite Manchester United wallet.

And after that life seem to have come to a grinding halt. I understood how much we depend on plastic money. How everything seems to fall apart when you take the plastic out of your life. And...I love it that way. So I got a duplicate card asap, thanks to HSBC, and Soumya Paul at their New Alipore branch, who had helped me to set up things right in no time. HSBC rocks! And so does plastic money, and Delhi Belli.

Moral of the story, the pickpockets in Calcutta have risen their standard and can be seen now frequenting the likes of Spencer's. So, beware!

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