Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Om Sai Nath

I am a Sai devotee. Did you know that? I am talking about Sai Baba from Shirdi. Its been years now that I took Him to be my Guru.

Have you seen miracles happen in your life? I did. After I had accepted Him in my life, I have seen miracles happening.

There are lot of reasons for which I would want to believe in Him. First and foremost, He is a non-religious God! Surprised? Tell me, do you know what religion a Sai devotee follows? Well, you see, He does not have a religion of His own. He is not a Hindu, neither is He a Muslim, nor a Christian or any other so-called religions that we know of today.

He follows the religion of Love.

Today I thought about posting this since it has been a year now that I have felt His presence beside me. And more than my God, or my Guru, He has been my friend, a true friend. And when everybody left me in my trying times, even the woman whom I has loved more than my life, by whose side I always stood like a pillar of strength in her toughest time, when she didn't have a dime on her and no one was there by her side, it was Him who had held my hand and He had never let go off it since then. And although I believe in all other religions, He would always remain more than just a God to me.

I love you Sai Baba. I don't know whether I have been able to be a good friend to you like you were, but I love you, really!

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Alice in Wonderland said...

Very interesting post. I am not "religious" in that sense of word, but I do believe in a Higher Power....whatever that may be. Maybe Love or Nature, both have powers over us and our lives.
The question of Fate or Karma plays a big part in my own life too, what is meant to be, shall be.

Now following you.

R Kelly Albums said...

it seems to me that we can take something from his ideas!

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