Monday, May 30, 2011

An Open Letter to God - IV

General Operative (Dilapidation),

Hey! How are You doing? Just wanted to say that I am sorry about last evening. I really am. You gotta believe me on this. And that's why I deleted that post. But tell me something, did You just write those pages for me? I don't know but it seems so. I mean yes, I did tell You to fix it up, but.

Okay, never mind. I know You just show Your little signs to tell us that You are there. Somewhere, out there somewhere, amidst all the pain and heartbreaks and heartaches. Yes, I saw Your sign last night. It was serendipitous!

I don't know whether You read blogs, especially a eenie, meenie, teenie blog like The Chronicles of R. But if you do, then I want You to two things.

First, I want You to know that I loved Ms J a lot, without any intentions as she thought I did. I know that You know that already, but still. Honestly, after the way I loved her and stood by her in her toughest times, when no one was there with her, I didn't really think that she would (could) do this to me. I know what you would say, "ces't la vie my friend". Yes, but it still hurts, like hell. And I still love her. Hey, did You just throw Your hands off in the air and say "damn" by any chance? I wouldn't mind if You do, I mean I do it all the times. But I can't help it You know, I simply can't help it. Because no matter what, atleast my love for her was true to its core, so for me all those fake dreams of love that she had shown me means a lot. So if You ever get a chance, let her know how much I loved her and that what she did was not at all right.

Second, don't forget to subscribe to my RSS feed. It would be an honor to have You as a feed subscriber, really. I am not making fun of You, but I need a little help o'er here. I am trying to earn a living through this blog, so Your blessed presence would be a boon.

That's it for now. I still don't know whether You are a He or a She or simply an It. Not that I care, but depending on it, I would be visiting you next Thursday and next month. Till then, have a good time.


P.S. One more thing, I would like You to be exactly the way You were portrayed in Tom Holt's Faust Among Equals, a guy with a sense of humor and a little panache in His attitude.

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Notcathy said...

You have a wonderful blog.. I wish you are okay now.. I will visiting again your site to become updated all the time.. See yeah..

Happy11 said...

I had a similar experience.She loved me but she did not liked me totally. She liked him but she did not love him at that time. I had to let her go by her request because she believed she can be happier with the other man on the basis on the potential for future growth, parents' preference on the other man and the declining appeal of me to them(girl's parents). I prefer her to be with the other man because she is not that happy with me anymore. I want her to be happy even at the expense of me.I will always love her even if I have my own family in the future.

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