Friday, May 06, 2011

Bring Sexy Back, Bring BCQ Back!

Bournvita Quiz Contest

Apart from the potholed water-clogged roads during the monsoon, the Alu-Kaabli-walah by the side of our school gate, the hot cuppa at Camac Street Barista, the caramel pop-corns in the movie theaters shared with a lost love, the tears that ran through my eyes after India lost a match, playing cricket on the roads during a bandh and many such memories, the one other thing that marked my childhood days is the Bournvita Quiz Contest.

I still remember spending most of the Sundays either reading a book, painting or, after I grew up a bit, chatting with girls on the net. But when the BCQ was aired I was sure to be found glued to the TV set, not to mention my parents doing the same too!

I still remember the charismatic Derek O'Brien snatching all our attention and pelting out on question after another and challenging our grey cells on the quiz show. But as with all the popular shows in the world, this too came to an end one day. Although I don't know why, probably to accommodate those saas-bahu ka serials because they thought that Indian TV watchers are all mindless zombies who would like those serials more than BCQ.

It's time to prove them wrong! There are a few kind souls, who do seem to understand out thirst for knowledge and the need for a good TV serial, are trying to being the BCQ back. There motto, and mine too, is Bring Sexy Back, Bring BCQ Back!

It started off 3 months ago as something simple - an experiment of sorts. They love quizzing and just wanted to see how many people do as well so they started there own Facebook page out. Since then they have been floored by the kind of response they have got with almost a 150,226 people wanting BQC Back. And now this movement has ceased to being their movement and have turned into our movement.

Even Derek O'Brien has joined this movement. You would find his letter to Cadbury over here. They are also sending out banners to people who want them - so far 70 people have written in asking for them.

They were featured in the Lok Satta newspaper. They've also had an Artist, Sagar Arankalle come forward and create some 'quiz illustrations' for them. Many bloggers have already written about them. Now its time to my bit. I definitely want BQC back - to make it a success come join in the movement!

By the way, you too can help in bringing BCQ back. You can Tweet this post, join the Facebook fan page for bringing BCQ back, write about it in your own blog et al. If you want your banner or if you have any suggestions on how we can spread this movement together you can email them on by clicking here.

Let’s start the golden days of BQC again!

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