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Ten Crazy Things You Can Do To Make A Woman Fall For You Without Breaking a Bank

It’s already crazy as it is- making a woman fall for you- how much more doing it without much money in your pocket. Let’s be real, flowers, jewelries, expensive dinners are all great, but making the woman of your dreams fall for you would require much more than just spending money. Love takes time, and by showing that you are worthy of her love, you can make her fall for you, even if you can’t afford to buy her expensive things.

Women are not as complicated as many men would think. They are emotional beings who need to feel appreciated, and above all, desired. No matter how confident and self-sufficient a woman is, she needs someone who knows how to value her worth and treats her well. She may not seem like it, or may not be aware of it herself, but she usually makes her personal relationship choices based on her instincts dating back from the prehistoric ages. This was a time when all that a woman looks for in a man is someone who is a good provider, a protector, and a strong mate who she can have children with. This is all in their instinct that exists in a subconscious level. The woman of today can be strongly independent, and some are not even interested in having children, but their needs –subconsciously arising from their instincts- are still basically in need of attention from you. If you can cater to their needs, you can increase your chances of making a woman fall for you.

Now that you know that you don’t really have to break the bank to make a woman fall for you, you might be encouraged to man up and chase that girl. Okay, so let work on the crazy things you can do to win her heart. Some of the ideas listed below may seem absurd to you, but think about the reason behind the concept.

1. Go out of your comfort zone for her. If you are afraid of heights, go skydiving with her or take a rollercoaster ride in the park. If you can’t cook, try to whip up a meal for her. If you can’t stand watching daytime drama and she does, watch it with her. Let her know that you are willing to do things that you otherwise wouldn’t, because you have her. So even if you are frightened, embarrassed, or bored to your bones, do it for her.

2. Give her something to look forward to. Make her associate you the feelings of happiness and excitement. Set a specific day of the month wherein you would do something special for her. It does not matter what it is, as long as you can surprise her on a certain day for every month of every year. Let her look forward to that day when she knows that you are up to something but doesn’t know what it is. It would delight her as she anticipates your surprises.

3. Gussy up for her. Men are more visual creatures than women; that’s why they like to dress up and look good all the time. What about the other way around? Men think that men should be men by just being in Tshirt and shorts- or whatever they pull out first from their closet. While women understand this, sometimes they would appreciate it if you can look good for her once in a while. So don’t fuss if you have to wear a tuxedo to an event she wants to go to.

4. Be active together. Having your blood pumping and your heart pounding is almost the same as falling in love. So exercise together, or try out some sports. Whether you run, walk, swim, hike, ice skate, or hit the gym, as long as you do your activities together, you’re bound to have a great time.

5. Explore a new place. Sometimes getting lost is the greatest adventure. But if you’re really good with directions, consider going to places you haven’t gone to before. There’s something about experiencing something entirely new that’s a very good bonding experience for two people.

6. Have some childish fun. Remember how much fun it is to be a kid. Most probably she would feel the same way too. So relive those good feelings by having some innocent juvenile fun once in a while. Wrestle with her; play around the house; Tickle her; build a ‘house’ in the backyard.

7. Occasionally misbehave together. It sounds silly, but think of all the fun things you did before and you’d mostly remember those times when you misbehaved or did not do as you were told. Stay up really late, eat that ice cream, and indulge in something you know you probably shouldn’t. When you do it together, it is just twice as fun.

8. Get in touch with your creative side. Creativity is romantic. Write her a poem, or compose her a song, paint her a picture- create something for her. Let her be your inspiration as you show your artistic side. Let her know how wonderful she is that she exists in your world.

9. Reminisce with her. Women are very sentimental. This is probably why they can remember the tiniest of details in their memories. Even when you think they were not paying attention, expect that they can- spot on- remember everything that happened in a monumental date, right down to what you were wearing.

10. Stand up to her. It does not mean that you will treat her unkindly. Just don’t be like a doormat that she can step on every time she feels like it. A woman wants a strong man who has pride in himself, someone who won’t let her walk all over him. In every relationship, boundaries will be tested at times, and it’s your job as the man to remind her that you’ll need her respect the same way as you give it to her. It’s tough love.

About the author:

Sarah is part of the team that manages and maintains Australian Credit Cards, a personal finance blog about credit card debts based in Sydney, Australia. Before she joined ACC, she was an assistant editor-in-chief of Sandigan.

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Zara said...

I agree that some girls need not much money to make her feel happy. Like me, having time to talk to about important things and having time doing things together makes me feel so happy and grateful for the blessings in life. Loving someone is challenging part of one's life coz that's where you'll understand well yourself. =)

GvSparx ~ Inspiring Life said...

Very well written :)
Good work Sarah :)

Ti Albums said...

nice tips))) Men, study it)))

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