Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Google Wedding Planner

Plan your wedding

In case you are planning to tie the knot, here's a good news for you. With the Google Wedding Planner you can make all the arrangements, without breaking a sweat! Here's how it works.

Use Google Search to find out the details of things you would need for your wedding, from florists to venues, from which catering company to hire to where to find the local limo service. You can even search for a suitable bride or a groom in case you haven't decided on one yet.

You can use Google Maps to make it easier for your guests to travel all the way to your wedding venue by creating a customized My Map. You can then add the church, reception and hotels and embed it on your wedding website.

Setup your schedule well ahead of time with Google Calendar. You can even setup a shared calendar with your fiance(e) to remember payment reminders, vendor appointments and day-of wedding activities.

From the 12 questions to ask the caterer to the rehearsal dinner checklist, you can manage it all seamlessly with Google Tasks, with automatic syncing between your computer and your mobile device. Here's a video to show you how.

Work together! Create a new email address on Gmail to keep track of everything in one place, for example jack.weds.jill@gmail.com, or stay connected with face-to-face video chat.

This is just the beginning. Trust me, Google can actually help you a lot more with its vast array of tools to help you have a gala wedding! Keep tuned in to The Chronicles of R for more. You can also consider subscribing to the RSS Feed.

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