Wednesday, March 02, 2011

MP3 - The Best Music Store in Calcutta


Just an FYI for all you music lovers from the City of Joy (Calcutta, Kolkata for the uninitiated). There is a music shop at South City Mall, right next to the FameCinemas booking counter area, called M3 (short form for Music, MP3, Movies). It's one of the best music shops in Calcutta.

To begin with, they have amazing customer service and an equally amazing collection of music CDs. A few days back I was searching for the CD Pal by K.K. I tired calling up almost half of the biggies in Calcutta, which includes MusicWorld (Park Street / South City Mall / City Centre), Planet M (Camac Street / South City Mall / City Centre) and a couple of other small shops. First thing, they had kept me on hold for hours on end because none of them knows hows to and why should they entertain customers over the phone. For them the customer standing right in front of them is the only one they should worry about. Then, to add to this, none of them had that CD in store even though it's one of the most played CDs by K.K.

When I called up MP3, I didn't really think that I would get any response at all. But not only did they picked up the phone before the third ring, they gave a reponse to my request within 2 minutes. And they did have that CD. Not only that, they were pretty informed about the artist too! And this was not the first time that I have found out a CD in MP3 which I haven't found anywhere in Calcutta, previously I was searching for a CD by Infected Mushroom and can you believe it that some of them haven't even heard of the band!

If you cannot find any CD anywhere in Calcutta, or if you want to buy some good music, I would suggest you give MP3 a try. They have 4 shops in Calcutta at City Centre, Hiland Park, South City Mall and City Centre (New Town) respectively. The phone number for the South City Mall MP3 outlet is +91 (33) 40071962. They are an effort of Shri Sai Music Ventures Pvt Ltd (Lenin Sarani).

A BIG thumbs up to MP3 for such a superb service and for having such a vast collection of music. It's really a treat for us audiophiles!

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thanks for this information! when i visit Calcutta, i'll certainly drop there!

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