Sunday, March 20, 2011

Let Go


So today morning I read this post from Vanessa. And from then onwards the idea of writing something on letting go was buzzing in my mind. She was online and I told her the same. After all everyone should have the fun of getting angry with a plagiarist.

So it all started when Vanessa's Convent teacher gave her an advice. An advice which we often remember but find it hard to practice in real life. Here's the advice in her own words.

"V-, many times in life we strongly desire varied things, we like to keep them with us, treasure them and hold them tightly refusing to leave them even when they harm us. But you need to know and understand this, you have to learn to LET GO. The more you hold it tightly, the more you hurt yourself. Don't forget your Bombay friends, remember them but free yourself from the anguish. Let go V-.... Let go. Okay?"

We often hold onto things which are very dear to us. Things like people who are close to our heart, people like out better halves, our parents, our boyfriends/girlfriends, things that are precious to us for their material/emotional values, things which we have kept over the years as memoirs. Its hard to let go off these things because letting go off these things means letting go off a part of our lives, that part to which that thing belongs to, that part to which that person belongs to. We cannot let go off the Christmas card that our long lost childhood love thinking that letting go off would mean letting go of the love that we shared, so letting go becomes painful. And its human nature to resist pain, refusing logic.

But more often than not, letting go off something is more feasible and more logical that holding onto it forever. I know its easier said than done. I know it well cause I have done that, a number of times. I have learnt to let go off people whom I had loved more than my life. Because even though it may seem that letting go off them is like betraying them in a way, but trust me if they are not there with you then they are not worthy of being remembered anyway.

So let go off that long lost (or recently lost) love-interest, let go off that Woodland shoes she gave you, or the bottle of perfumer he gifted you, just let go off them and anything related to them. Don't linger in the past. Probably they might have forgotten you the moment it ended (maybe even before that). If they didn't and they are to come back to you, eventually they would anyway. I know what I said sounds like trash, but as I said, I have been there done that. So take it from a pro, it helps you to move on. Just let go.

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Venice said...

Really nice post! And I don't mind you taking my lines, after all, you did request me to take a bit of it, plus you've attributed the source of this post - which does not qualify as plagiarism. :)

Yours has a very personal, descriptive and captures the feelings one goes through in such situations. It mirrored some of my emotions when I've gone through such incidents. Nice post!

Glucosamine Chondroitin said...

its Mumbai now not Bombay

Zara said...

Very nice post! Letting go is so hard to do but remember that only change is constant in this world. There are more interesting things one has to indulge to. We just have to keep good friends and treasure the relationship forever in our hearts/life. =)

Lady Gaga Alejandro said...

nice post! thanks for sharing interesting life stories with us!

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