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Ideas from Women's Magazine

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Off late, every women's magazine that I happen to get my hands on seems to prophesies certain common ideas. Now, I am not against ideas. Ideas are like assholes, everyone has one although the one that belong to someone else is not much of an use. But the ideas that these so-called magazines for modern women evangelises are more of a rebellious nature than of any real use or value to a woman. And I don't think that it's necessary for every woman to have a rebellious nature just like every man need not be a mirror image of Subhash Bose.

Let's take idea# 1, which teaches women how to live the life of a singleton. Why a singleton, why not help them on how to live with a family? Is having a family such a passe these days? Or does the thought of making a compromise for a man's family hurts the ego of a modern woman and makes her a less feminist? In a relationship everyone needs to compromise to a certain extent, irrespective of whether its a man or woman. Just like it does not makes him any lesser a man if he makes certain compromise in order to live together with his woman in a family (be it his family or her family), it doesn't makes her any lesser a woman if she makes certain compromise to live within a family. A woman, like any other man, needs to know the value of a family. A family doesn't always mean certain rules and restrictions, it is NOT a device placed inside the society to cut off her wings of freedom.

In idea# 2, for the modern women, all men a MCPs and all the men are after is some cheap lip service! I simply don't know how on earth did they ever come up with the idea but its not only is one of the most popular topic of discussion these days, its also the idea which seems to give every modern women the right to call a man an MCP. I have a question for all those women who thinks that all a man wants is a hole to fuck, do you have a father, a brother? Do you see them in a similar fashion? If yes, then you are the most unfortunate woman in the world (unless ofcourse you really have an abusive paternal history), if no, then why not? Just because they are your blood relationship doesn't makes them any better.

Idea# 3 instigates a woman to fight for her rights, everywhere, even where its not necessary! Its pretty confusing that at one point of time you are asking a woman to fight for her equal rights and at the same time you are howling for woman's reservation bills. I work in an organisation where the population of women employees are considerably more, do we men harp about it? NO! Then why does a modern woman always needs to crib about how its a man's world and how they are victimised just because a male employee got a promotion and they didn't, even though it might be that the male employee is more a deserving candidate for the promotion than anyone else.

Idea# 4 brainwashes a woman to stay out of relationships rather then helping them with survival strategies. Half the time a woman says I won't be able to do this and I won't be able to do that in a relationship, then in the end when it doesn't work out they blame the man that he is an MCP and then shuns every sort of relationship from their life. Girls! Hello! Life is not only about friendship. Its about each and every relationship that we know off. If you cannot stay in one, its not entirely the man's fault. Moreover, if you cannot cope up with one, reach out to your man for help rather than blaming him for everything and leaving him. We do have a heart too and we too bleed when a relationship breaks, which again is quite opposite to what you think based on idea# 2.

There are other similar stupid (?) ideas that the woman magazine these days seem to be crammed up with. Trust me girls, there are lot more to a man than just a dick as there is a lot more to a woman than just a hole. Life can be pretty beautiful with a man by your side, and not all men are bad. The worlds full of different kinds of people, both good and bad. Just because you have met all the wrong kind of people in your life does not gives you the right to generalize things. Stop treating men like your opponents, treat them as your partners as you want them to treat you as and you would see how things can be different. Think about it once.

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Suzanne @ Mind Tree said...

Cool article raising relevant points regarding women. And it somewhere reminds me about 'Every coin has two sides'.

Young Jeezy Albums said...

this article is very topical and interesting for women, I think!

Unknown said...

Well Said. -Glenna Renee.

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