Thursday, March 03, 2011

7 Khoon Maaf

"And this time I'm going to drink his blood!"


Who on earth could have thought that when Priyanka Chopra had said this with her spine chilling laughter, she had Jesus Christ in her mind!

Yes, the movie 7 khoon Maaf is full of such twists and turns which will keep you on the edge of your seat till the last minute. 7 Khoon Maaf is a movie based on Ruskin Bond's Susanna's Seven Husband, I guess that should give you an idea about interesting the movie might be. And although most books, when turned into a movie lack the magic of the original book, but this one is an exception. I must say that Vishal Bhardwaj (Director) has done quite a good job in giving Ruskin Bond's words shapes and colors on the screen.

If you go to the theaters thinking that this movie would be somewhat like Basic Instinct then you would be in for a surprise. This movie is about Susanna and her 7 husbands. An unfortunate girl, she happens to encounter all the wrong men in her lives and thus ends up with quite a few bruises on her body and her soul. From a jeleaous husband (played by Neil Nitin Mukesh) to John Abraham (a drug addict Rock singer). But only in her case, she murders each and every one of them instead of opting out of her bad marriages.

Its a must see if you are a Ruskin Bond fan, which I am sure most of us are. The music in this movie is pretty enjoyable, and Usha Uthhup turned out to be really good even at this age! Nassiruddin Shah as usual was brilliant as a Bong. Irfan Khan was simply superb as a sadist husband.

I would say this movie is a must-see for this year. But finally, kudos to Ruskin Bond who wrote such a remarkable story. This goes to Mr Bond.

"Jahan Pana tussi great ho, Tohfu qubul karo!"

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