Friday, February 11, 2011

Lonely This Valentine's

So it's Valentine's once again. People are busy buying gifts for their loved ones, planning how to celebrate that day. The craze has taken such a gigantic size that I often think someday the authorities are surely to declare it as a National Holiday.

Jokes apart, I have seen many of us actually shun this day of love. There reason, for two people in love, 365 days a year are a Valentine's Day in itself, so why to celebrate a day separately for the same! Quite true, but then it sounds somewhat like grapes are sour.

Why do we celebrate Independence Day then, after all we are Independent throughout the year on our own accord, aren't we? Why to celebrate Holi when we are filling our lives with colors each and every day?

I too would not be celebrating Valentine's Day this year. To celebrate this day you need someone to love you, romantically. I don't have any such person. So even though I bought gifts (I'm a love sick puppy, in case you didn't know), I don't have anyone to give them to. So could you tell me what do you do on a lonely Valentine's Day like this?

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Drama Personified (R) said...

I'm going to be at work. 12 hours! You're not alone.

SofĂ­a said...

I have class and work all day. But my 'valentine' who's just an old friend and I are going to play WoW together. This is the first year I've had anything planned because of the day not just because the plans lined up with the day.

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

@Drama Personifies(R): Yes I guess I am not alone after all :)

fisherwoman said...

do something special for yourself, anything that you like or is self-indulgent :) everything in the end comes down to having a smile or not... so do something that makes you happy.

Anonymous said...

Take yourself out to dinner... and book the reservation for two so you can act like your date never showed and maybe get a free dinner

Taylor Swift News said...

why are you alone in such an excellent day?

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