Monday, January 10, 2011

Gopal Pal, the Self-appointed Manager for Bar-B-Q

Bar-B-Q, one of the oldest and finest restaurants of Calcutta. Located at Park Street, it brings out lot of memories of good old days.

Yesterday, I went to Bar-B-Q for a day out with my family and friends and guess what, I had one of the worst experience so far in any of the restaurants in Calcutta, thanks for the Manager, Gopal Pal.

In case you haven't been to Bar-B-Q, there are separate sections to suit each palletes, Chinese, India et al. And during the evening hours they close down each of these sections at a particular time only to open once again later that night. Yesterday when we arrived at Bar-B-Q, it was pretty later in the afternoon. There was a table for 4 which was empty and so we sat there considering that we had a kid with us who was asleep.

Now the Manager Gopal Pal, pretending as if he owns Bar-B-Q, came to us and told us that it would not be possible for them to accomodate us over there and so we should stand in the Chinese section for a table to get empty, with a sleeping kid in our arms. And when I told him that why can't they accomodate us on the other section since, he informed us, in a very rude tone that just because we ask him to do something, it cannot be arranged. When I asked for the Manager, the real Manager, who happens to be my friend's Dad-in-Law, he refused to give out the name of the Manager and lied to us that he himself is the Manager of Bar-B-Q!

So finally, someone had the guts to prove that the customer is not always right.

So the next time you go to Bar-B-Q, do remember not to ask for the Manager, because you are not allowed to complain in Bar-B-Q, thanks to a Mr. Gopal Pal, the self appointed Manager of Bar-B-Q.

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AlphaTauri said...

Bad service. It puts you off the food too. :|

I like Lady Gaga Alejandro said...

i haven't been there.. and don't want to visit it after your story

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