Thursday, December 30, 2010

No Time for Love

We don't, really. Don't believe me? Look around you. How many couples do you see who are happy to be in a relationship? Hardly any. The reasons are manyfold.

Couples are looking for a relationship with a responsibility denomination of el zilcho. I wonder, how can love ever exist without responsibility! I mean imagine, I love you a lot, or atleast that what I say, and then when you fall sick I don't even turn up to wish you a faster recovery because I am busy with my social committments. Isn't that funny?

Money and sex are more attractive than love, so why fall for the second best. Security provided by money is way better than the security provided by love. And although the second one is way more reliable than the former, but can love buy you a Gucci bag or a honeymoon in Maldives? Hell no! So why waste time on love.

People have forgotten how to respect eachother. I know it's a bit too much to expect when we have forgotten how to respect ourselves, but then can you really love someone you don't respect?

Time is a big factor too. With all the family committments, social committments, parties, booze, career, etc, where is the time for the committments towards our loved ones that we had made for being by their side no matter what. Promises are meant to be broken after all.

A bunch of confused women who thinks feminism is another name for male bashing, that men are the only creature responsible for a bad relationship, that all men are pigs and abnormal creatures, it's only men who doesn't have a heart and that it's only men who can be unfaithful in a relationship. And that men who cry are a sissy. Sorry to disappoint you mademoiselle but men possess a heart as much as women do. And just because they cry doesn't mean that they are a sissy, it only indicates that they are still in touch with their emotions and they are not afraid like a woman is to show off their emotional outburst.

Lack of patience. People want something to work out quick and clear. Love on the other hand takes lot of time to happen, but when it does it's a biss.

Well, these are only some of the reasonsfor which we don't see relationships which are strong, stable and none of them last long. Why don't you remember that like jobs, there's always a better person waiting for you just round the corner. But its you who would have to be true to that one person who stood or would stand by your side in your difficult times because love demands truth and faithfullness.

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