Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Encore Bumba Da : May I Have An Autograph Please?

Autograph, Prosenjit

Bumba Da, or Prosenjit, which is how he is known to the masses, has proved once again that he and Bengali cinema is not finished yet. Atleast that is what his performance in Autograph, his latest Bengali movie, seems to tell you.

Everything about this movie is perfect, well almost. The imperfections only seems to make it all the more perfect. From the direction to the starcast, from the storyline to the screenplay, from the songs to the acting, everything made the movie worth watching in a multiplex. And as Prosenjit has correctly pointed out in the movie, he is still a crowd puller simply with his acting unlike any Kumars and Jeets.

The cinmetography is simply breathtaking, especially when Prosenjit is seen sitting near the banks of Ganges and in the backdrop we can see the Thakur Bhasahan. Everyone has given a 100% to this movie which is what makes it an apt tribute to Satyajit Ray and is masterpiece "Nayak".

And the more I say about the performance of Prosenjit the less it is. It is a relief to see him as Tarun Chatterjee, which is the real name for Uttam Kumar who was the protagonist for the movie "Nayak", seeing that he has done justice to the character. He has made it a point once again that he is the deserving successor to Uttam Kumar, the legend of Bengali cinema.

If you want to watch good Bengali movie, go for Autograph. As for me, next stop Moner Manush.

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