Friday, December 31, 2010

The Collage

broken dreams

It was her dream, and I wanted to make it come true for her.

We were seeing eachother for almost 5 years now. But things were not going pretty smooth in between us off late. There were too many things to take care of. Career, family, extended family, and then there was my financial problems which seemed to cling on to me forever.

So I wanted to do something for her as a surprise. She once told me about this movie that she saw where this guy, the hero, collects each and every invoice from all the places that he and his girlfriend went together to and then gifts them to gain back her trust on him. I started making something similar, a book, a collage, where I pasted all those invoices and wrote about that day below it. My kind of a feeble attempt to rekindle the lost love. Hell, I could have tried anything to get her back, anything.

Finally when it was complete I had tears in my eyes. Who said that men don't have feelings!

I ordered a bunch of flowers then, she just loved flowers, and asked the florists to deliver the collage along with the flowers. I paid those guys, came back home and waited for her call. She did call, but I just wish she didn't.

She abused me for sending her those stupid flowers and said that she has thrown away both the flowers and the packet that I had sent her without even opening them. She said I never had any right to embarress her in front of her co-workers by sending her those flowers. And finally, she said that she has gone back to her previous boyfriend, once again. I still remember her final words for me, "Why don't you go and jump off a highrise. Probably then I would get rid of an abnormal creature like you."

So much for a bunch of flowers and a stupid collage.

That evening, after office, I went to the thirteenth floor of our building, send her a message on her phone, and took a leap off from the terrace. Leap of faith? Who knows!

"Thank you so much for telling me about your dreams, I am trying to fulfill them. I thought the collage was as precious for you as it was for me, I was wrong. Wish you all the happiness in life, may God always gives you a reason to smile. Love you."

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Dr. Fizza Rahman said...

She deserves a slap for being such a rude ass and u deserve a slap for following her when she doesnt want you to do that to her. shes gone raj. move ahead or the world will crush you.

Nisha said...

Its time to move on and give up living on her dreams, b'coz then you could and will be happier and happiness is what i wish for all. Happy new year my friend... :)

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

@Fizza : *Ouch*

@Nisha : Happy New Year to you too Nish. Tried calling you but your phone was switched off. Did get your sms though.

Taylor Swift News said...

very interesting! keep up sharing with us interesting stories!

deepak kripal said...


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