Sunday, October 24, 2010

In the Loving Memories of Rajtilak Bhattacharjee

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee (18th October, 1982–2010), always used to say that the day he would stop believing in love would be the day he would die. Raj expired last week. He was suffering from a rare ailment related to his heart. Although this might sound very rude, but its good that he died. It had put an end to his prolonged suffering.

He was a nice man, but didn't quite belong to this world. His thoughts, his feelings, his emotions, they were very different. No wonder people called him a psycho freak who should not be let lose.

In his absence there is no one to continue with this blog, so this blog is closed now, permanently. I don't know whether you would miss him, remember him, or you would simply forget him, but I would remember him always. I would remember him like the way he wanted us to remember him. For me he would always be "A Dreamer, a Poet and an Ordinary Human Being".

Rest in Peace Rajtilak Bhattacharjee.

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Dr. Fizza Rahman said...

Rajtilak cannot die,
He may be dormant for a while, till he learns to unlearn the reality bites, till he learns that love always doesnt taste bitter, till he knows there is nothing immortal in this world as man is, till he comes to know the fact that love can never dicth anyone, till he breaths that whatever is presnt in this world is because of love... Rajtilak cannot die.
Howcome Raj stopped beleiving in love? Cant he see the affection pouring in from his mother's eyes? Cant he see how old his father has grown up, giving up his dreams to weave up Raj's future? Cant he see the magic of love in the love he shares with his siblings? Cant he see the aura of prayers that save him from unexpected troubles.. the prayers that come in everty form and shape from the people he is bound to, his family, his friends. Howcome Raj?
So if you heart is broken, if its about a girl.. forget it Raj. U have to live, like u ever wanted. You have to move on till you find the reason of your existence. Till you become the reason of someone else's happiness. Till you spread smiles in others lives. Till you learn, relearn and redo Love again.
Rajtilak cannot die till he becomes A Dreamer, a Poet and an Ordinary Human Being !

Welcome back Raj!

Divaa Divine said...

i cannot believe this i just cant!

Divaa Divine said...

americanising desi - if you dont know - then let it stay forgotten

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

@Divaa Divine : How can I forget you sweetheart!

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