Thursday, May 20, 2010

Prayer For A Lost Love

I saw you yesterday,
Walking down the road of memory lane.

You haven't changed, Beautiful.
Nothing has changed in your world,
In the world that we had weaved together.

Except for me,
Everything remains the same.
Except for my world.
Where now I shiver in the winter snow.

You might never know how
I died
Every minute which you left with me,
For the ones that you
Lived with me.

I spend the nights talking to strangers.

And the Stranger knew my suffering, my pain.
'Cause she saw you in my eyes,
burning me from inside.

She said women never understood
How much I loved you,
But how could you not?

She knew that I had promises to keep.
So I sang her the Scarborough Fair,
And she would sing it to you, someday.

When I am gone,

Till then,
Let me raise my voice to the chorus of
Simon and Garfunkel singing, in despair.
Let me bleed
Till I reach the last drop
Of forbidden blood in my soul.

Till then let me wait for you, in the field
Out beyond the ideas of
Wrong-doing and right-doing,
Where I ran with Rumi in my dreams.
And let me dream for a hope that,

There we will meet someday.
And then I will live with you again
And then I will love you again,



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Venice said...

That was very heartfelt.

I have something for you, click here: http://venicerowe.blogspot.com/2010/05/my-first-blog-award.html :)

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