Thursday, February 11, 2010

Is Love a Crime?

"Sometimes the fulfillment of love is in it's unfulfilled desires."

Is it a crime to love someone who is already committed to someone else? If not, then why am I in so much of pain?

When I fell in love with you the first time, I knew what immeasurable pain awaits me. I knew that when I will see that you are being loved, touched, caressed by someone else, I would feel like someone has cut off a part of my body, my soul, my life. Cause for some unknown reason which only the stars up above in the sky can comprehend, you have become a part of me. An inseparable part. And to take away that part, one would need to cut it off me.

I knew what pain awaits me. But falling in love with you, it was something beyond my control. I didn't ask you to be so beautiful, I didn't ask you to be so simple. And I didn't, definitely I didn't, ask you to have such lovely eyes. Eyes, in which one can drown and never want to come up to breath.

So why am I in such pain? Can you tell me Princess?

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