Wednesday, January 27, 2010

WooRank Website Grader

A few days back, Robin Wauters from TechCrunch wrote about a new website grader called WooRank. WooRank is a brand new service designed to let website publishers and marketers evaluate the SEO-friendliness and other aspects of their Web sites/blogs on the fly, free of charge.

So I thought about giving it a try. And what I found out is that WooRank is like an old wine in a new bottle as, HubSpot already has a similar and much better service called Website Grader. WooRank gave The Chronicles of R a rank of an average rank of 49.5. So let's analyze the report using some of the parameters using which WooRank ranked The Chronicles of R.

For traffic estimation, WooRank reported an accurate figure of 30k-100k visitors/month. Next, it showed the Alexa ranking for The Chronicles of R as 229,073 whereas the real Alexa rank was 227,067. The Compete rank of was also pretty accurate. However, the popular pages was a completely wrong listing. I am not pretty sure how they calculate the popular pages rank, but whatever it is, they need to change the algorithm. Now comes the fun part, it showed a missing meta description and meta keywords! If you check, The Chronicles of R does have both. The images listing showed that WooRank could not find any image on this website. Then for the Text-HTML ratio, it gave a result of 0%! I mean for God's sake, what does that supposed to mean?

Then WooRank reported a missing Doctype declaration. Again if you take a closer look, The Chronicles of R does have a Doctype declaration, and Blogger automatically adds this to every template. Then, WooRank could not find the last date/time when Google crawled The Chronicles of R. It also wrongly reported missing feeds!

So, considering the overall performance, WooRank was a complete fail. I would suggest, if you are really interested in evaluating your website for free, try out the HubSpot Website Grader.

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Manhattan said...

I'm always skeptical of these "website graders" since they seem to be an out of date concept. Nowadays the most important SEO is off site, so what your meta tags say is petty.

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