Sunday, January 24, 2010

What's New on Skribit?

A few days back, Skribit co-founder Paul Stamatiou had sent me a mail. Now, I already knew that Skribit had relaunched itself in a new avatar on Skribit17th, last December. From the mail I learned how these features would make your life a lot easier on Skribit.

The first feature that impressed me was that now users can login using their Twitter id. So creating an account would be a child's play. Not many startup users would like to spend time on registering for a content suggestion service because most of them would not understand it's real usefulness. Here are some more features which they have introduced:

* Follow your favorite bloggers on Skribit and see their recent activity
* Sort suggestions by status, hotness and more
* Merge similar suggestions
* Ignore suggestions by user and IP address
* Reduce clutter with new comment and suggestion spam protection
* Customize your the URLs for your Skribit blog and user profiles
* Easily share suggestions through Twitter and Facebook with a click
* ... and lots more!

You can read about their successful launch here on the Skribit blog. And in case you are wondering what Skribit is for, you can click here to learn more about it. And if you want to login, simply click here.

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