Thursday, January 07, 2010

Nexus One : To Buy Or Not To Buy

Nexus One
Is Google loosing ground. Well, if it didn't earlier then it sure would now after the launch of Nexus One. Nexus One is the most awaited disappointment from the stable of Google Inc.

To start with, let me first tell you what Nexus One is. In case you are from Mars or were living under the rock since the beginning of the Earth, Nexus One is a phone launched by Google. But even though the name Google is associated with it, I really would not like to use it until the next 3 upgrades. Why? Here's why.

1. Are you on the Google "cloud"? If "no" then you would find it hard to synchronize Nexus One with you laptop or PC.

2. It's on T-Mobile. Doesn't that say it all? I mean C'mon, everyone knows that if there is any less well-liked than AT&T, it's T-Mobile. Remember, they even suffered a huge data loss late last year. Although Google did promise to put it up on the Verizon network, till then would you really like to use T-Mobile?

3. Nexus One does not have multi touch capabilities, despite support for the feature in Google's Android 2.0 mobile operating system.

4. It would be bad for Android.

5. It's fast, but not that fast. And not as fast as your iPhone for sure. So people who were using iPhone would keep using them. So it sure is not a iPhone killer!

So other than the fact that Nexus One is pretty "slim" and runs on an open OS, Android Mobile Technology Platform 2.1 (Eclair), I don't find anything fancy with it that I would suggest it to my readers. Not that it would put eggs on the face of Google Inc. but it sure would not get a good start.

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Anonymous said...

"C'mon, everyone knows that if there is any less well-liked than AT&T, it's T-Mobile"

Odd, I can't say I know anyone that has serious issues with T-Mobile. I use them and they're leagues ahead of my old provider (AT&T).

Verizon, on the other hand, I've heard horror stories of their customer service. And Sprint I've heard NOTHING but bad things about, service-wise, network-wise, billing-wise.

Anonymous said...

2: If you haven't noticed, you can buy it without any carrier. I'm from Europe and I'm surely not going to use neither at&t, t-mobile, or verizon!

4: Why is it bad for Android?

"It's fast, but not that fast. And not as fast as your iPhone for sure. "
This is just plain stupid. The Nexus One has a 1000mhz processor compared to the iPhones 3gs 600mhz (and s is for speed, lol!)

sexy said...

Yes, why it is bad for android?

bathroom tile designs said...

Android is booming now.
I thing this is one of the must have gadget in this year.
so my answer is yes

bubbles games said...

Unlike the release of the ipnone on it's time, I don't think the Nexus delivers something out of the ordinary to most users, I browsed it's spec and didn't see anything amazing about it. Gonna stick with my Nokia n96 for now.

International Calls to Philippines said...

I think the biggest problem would be the lack of multitouch. Other than that I think it's a fine phone.

jo v ancouver 2010 said...

Nexus One is very godd but a little expansive...

Max said...

Nexus One is not an iPhone killer, but it has a sleek design and user-friendly features. Indeed the price is a little too high, but all in all, it's a good looking HTC phone with nice Android features.

magazine subscriptions said...

I'm going to wait until at least the second upgrade of this before even considering a purchase. Initial reports suggest it's nowhere near as good as the iphone. And it doesn't seem to have sold well so far.

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