Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Binged.it : New URL Shortener from Microsoft

Microsoft Bing
Previously, it was Google, Youtube and Facebook, and now it's Microsoft Bing! All of a sudden everyone seems to be taking an interest in the URL shortener business.

A few days back, the UK blog My Microsoft Life first noticed that some of Microsoft's Bing Travel Team members have begun publicly tweeting with a binged.it URL. But when you type binged.it in your browser it simply takes you to, guess where - bit.ly! Nick Eaton from Seattle PI confirmed with Microsoft that it has been used internally and is likely to be made public soon.

Pardon me if I am wrong, but ain't a URL shortener supposed to shorten the URLs? Like the Google URL shortener, goo.gl, is 5 characters. Facebook’s is 4 characters. But in case of Bing, the binged.it domain is one character longer than Bing's own domain! Bing’s is 8 characters. Bing.com is 7 characters. Why not use something like bi.ng?

So do you think that the Microsoft Bing URL shortener is a complete fail? Whoever thinks it is, could you please raise your hands? A little but more please, so that Microsoft can see you properly?

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Myhammer said...

Hand raised... what is the use if the so called short URL is longer than the URL..

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