Monday, January 25, 2010

Android Developer Labs World Tour

The Google Android team is going on a World Tour where they'll be delivering an update on the state of the Android platform — including a look at the latest Android androidhardware. You would be able to meet like-minded Android app developers, play with the latest Android devices, test your apps, and ask Android team members any questions you might have.

The places that the Android team would visit includes cities in Europe, North America, and Asia. Here's the line-up of Android Developer Lab locations for February and March 2010:

North America

* Austin, Texas – Feb 4
* Seattle, Washington – Feb 8
* Waterloo, Ontario, Canada – Feb 8
* Washington, D.C. – Feb 9
* Mountain View, California – Feb 10
* Cambridge, Massachusetts – Feb 11
* New York, New York – Feb 12


* London, UK – Feb 2
* Paris, France – Feb 8
* Berlin, Germany – Feb 10
* Zurich, Switzerland – Feb 13
* Madrid, Spain – Feb 13


* Singapore – Feb 28
* Taipei, Taiwan – March 3
* Hong Kong – March 4

If you want to attend, you'll need to request a spot by February 1st. You can request a spot by clicking here. Space is limited, so please wait for an email to confirm that you have a spot in the lab.

The Android Team are also going to stop by and speak at the following local Android user groups:

* Stockholm, Sweden – Feb 4
* London, UK – Feb 5
* Chicago, Illinois, USA – Feb 6

So don't wait and request your spot fast!

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Exell Networks said...

This is awesome! I've been a huge supporter of Android ever since it came out. I'm glad Google is going worldwide and committing 100% to this - I can see that it has great potential. I'll definitely be at one of the North America ones. Go Google!

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