Saturday, December 26, 2009

Free Christmas Gifts from Disqus

Disqus has a lot of goodies on offer this Christmas season for it's users. Let's take a look at the loot.

Blogger Sync

Publishers can now synchronise all existing and new comments back to Blogger. You would be able to enable this feature from here.

Better Spam Reporting

Disqus has been monitoring and making improvements in the way spam is recognized and reported. Last Monday, they made some significant changes to help remove undesirable content globally on Disqus. For more information on spam prevention make sure to read this guide.

Improved Reaction Reporting

Disqus have improved the way they pull information from the social networks, thereby making the process more efficient and timely. If you feel that reactions are missing from a post, simply click on the Report Reactions link above the comment embed. This will queue the site for a rescan by their reaction bots.

Auto-Close Comments

Publishers can now set a time period in which comments are automatically closed. You can try it out here.

Updated : In Reply To

Some reply thread can become very long and to reference a comment you need to click the "in reply to name" link. This would take you back up to the original comment. Now instead of loosing your place on the page, a pop-up window will show the previous comment.

And yes, a Happy Birthday to The Chronicles of R. She celebrated her second birthday yesterday, that's 25th December, 2009. And a Merry Christmas to all my Readers!

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business printing said...

Really Disqus is a global comment system that improves conversation on websites and connects discussion across the web. But this post definitely improve Comments Reaction.

Men's Entertainment said...

Now that's a good christmas gift! Will be trying to implement it on my site :)

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