Sunday, September 13, 2009

Love, Sex And Poetry

"Love is not the greatest glue between two people. Sex is." - An Alchemy of Desire, Tarun Tejpal

Love has become a cliche,
A reminiscent of the past.
The greatest bond of them all
Is not love but lust.

I am happier than ever now,
Your body has become
My daily bread.
Love always had my limits set to
A bottle of bourbon and,
A piece of lead.

[I promised myself not to write a poem on The Chronicles of R after I tried to give it a tech blog look, but I simply could not resist putting it here. I am guilty as charged, feel free to leave obscene comments.]

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Priya said...


July said...

May be that love has become a cliche but sex is overrated!

NetBet said...

Nice poem! Ican’t say I agree with you, but it sounds brilliant.

Kenneth White said...

Interesting subject "Love Sex and poetry"

Sh@rMi said...

Someone's body can become a daily bread for you....But don't you think that eating bread everyday mechanically can also lead to some form of cliched joy?


Tienda de informatica said...

love is the essence. sex is not only meat and skin question is something deeper that provides both an empathy for the loved one who gives way to the most perfect sexual expiriens.

tienda de informatica

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Immobilienfonds said...

Its a great one. Thanks for the post.

Dwi said...

nice posting bro, keep writing n blogging

stela said...

Excellent..i agree with the meaning of this poem..its reality...

Greg said...


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