Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Label Clouds On Blogger!

Google has finally introduced Label Clouds on Blogger. Actually it's two features that they introduced yesterday, Label Cloud being one of them, Selected Labels being the other one. It was posted on Blogger Buzz by Wiktor Gworek, who is a Software Engineer with Google, who also posted a seemingly gibberish post, sans title, earlier on Blogger Buzz itself!

Label Cloud
Now about the new features, most of us voted for them when Google asked us for our wishlist in April. As we all know, Google listens and so they did. Using these features is pretty simple, go over to the Label Gadget and enable them, that's all! Previously, the Label Gadget used to show the labels as a bulletted list. The Label Cloud was a third-party code which was really a pain to implement for most of us. But once enabled, the new Label Cloud feature of Blogger displays the labels as a cloud with the most popular labels appearing in bigger font than the less popular labels. Moreover, if you have been blogging for a while you must have added some labels that you don't use anymore and would not like your readers to see. With the new Selected Labels feature you can display only the labels of your choice. So no more fussing with the codes, now you can get your Label Cloud up and running in no time.

These features were a gift from Google on Blogger's 10th Birthday. Quite a gift, huh! Happy Birthday Blogger.

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vinni said...

Blogger did not have this till now? Surprised!

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This is really a gift! In my blogger i have mess of Labels. Now i can manage my labels and unused labels to hide from the list.

NWZ W202 said...

So that means you keep an eye on regular blogger updates. Although Blogger is the product of Google but however Matt Cutts recommend Wordpress for blog.

He is die hard fan of wordpress. Lets see we will be able to see more and more new things from blogger.

non chexsystems banks said...

Whew! It took them a while to introduce the label cloud in blogger. But, what can I say? Better late than never. :D

Great post.

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