Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Prism 1.0 Brings Web Apps To Your Desktop

Google really wants everyone to use Chrome, very recently it had even placed ads on TV to promote its browser. But Firefox is here to stay, more so after the release of Prism 1.0 from the Mozilla Labs.

PrismPrism is aimed towards converging the internet and your desktop. It transforms web applications like Gmail, Facebook or YouTube, which until now could only be accessed through the browser, into a desktop application. The best part is that these applications would run separately and not inside your browser. So even if for some reason your browser crashes, these applications would continue to run normally.

Moreover, these application created by Prism would also be able to use some of the nifty features of your operating system. For example, you would be able to minimize these applications to the system tray, auto-start them at startup, they can be configured with popup alerts for certain events etc. So the next time instead of wading through a mass of browser windows and tabs just to find your email client, you can simply click on the Gmail app icon from your system tray.

Prism 1.0 can be used both as a Firefox extension and as a standalone application. When used as a Firefox extension, simply click on the Tools menu and select Convert to web application from the website which you want to convert into an application.

To get started with Prism simply click here. And if you want to learn more, just check out the video Mozilla recently released on how to create a Prism app:

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Wholesale Printing said...

That's interesting, definitely something to look into. I hate it when my browser crashes and I'm in the middle of something. All work is lost and I'd have to start all over again. That's really frustrating. This will somehow lessen those incidents and will make for some better tempered users. Thanks! :)

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