Friday, May 08, 2009

Kim Kardashian Is The Latest Frienderati

Kim Kardashian
The latest addition in the list of Frienderati is, Kim Kardashian. Yes ladies and gentlemen, you heard it right, Kim Kardashian the Armenian Princess has migrated to FriendFeed from Twitter.

MG Siegler a.k.a. Parislemon wrote on TechCrunch that right after Kim joined FriendFeed, she added 35,000 users as friends. Although at the time of writing this, only 607 out of those 35,000+ people have subscribed to her feed. I am being one of them. I simply had to, I was too curious as to what made her join a tech savvy network like FriendFeed. But I was disappointed to see that all Kim is posting on FriendFeed is her Twitter stream. And probably that was the reason for her having such a low number of subscribers, even though she has 670,652 followers on Twitter.

Kim Kardashian joined FriendFeed using her Twitter name, which was possible due to the FriendFeed's new one-click Twitter login functionality. This allows you to sign up for FriendFeed using your Twitter name and transfer your information over via OAuth to FriendFeed, as well as automatically friend anyone you are following on Twitter. And yes, this not only works with your Twitter login, but with your Facebook and Google login as well.

You can subscribe to her on FriendFeed here. And if you want, you can add me on FriendFeed from here. But in the end all this leaves me wondering, why did she choose FriendFeed?

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Julia Scissor said...

Lol. She has subscribed to me too but I never knew who she is!

jolinarodriguez said...

Wow great post love it..

AD said...

you are keepin track!


wow. She subscribed me too. And She is hot. nice dress. And thanks for this nice post.

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