Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Disqus Introduces Tweeting Comments Feature

Disqus, the popular commenting system, has finally joined the bandwagon and integrated with Twitter. Yesterday Gianii, the Community Manager for Disqus posted on their blog that now commenters would be able to tweet their comments. Once the service is activated, every time you leave a comment it would automatically tweet the comment along with a trackback URL to the original article on your Twitter stream.

Disqus is using Twitter's OAuth support for this feature. If you’ve added your Twitter credentials beforehand, you’ll just need just reauthorize using OAuth here. When replying to a comment, you will now see this reply format show up on twitter.

Example Tweet: RE: @fredwilson I saw Marcy contribute to the thread and I think that’s awesome! Also… this is a semi-worthless comment… http://disq.us/39.

They have also introduced Mini Profiles. Whenever someone would hover over your picture on your comments they would be able to see your compact drop-down profile, on clicking it would display a pop-up profile.

Although I am not pretty sure about the usability of the Mini Profile feature, but tweeting your comments would definitely help the publisher spread the word about his blog. And it would also help you grow your credentials as a good commenter amongst your followers on Twitter.

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