Thursday, May 14, 2009

Disciple : The MMORPG For Adults

Disciple : MMORPG
I was too tired to go on playing MyBrute. Although it's simple and does not require any downloads, but it soon gets boring with it's repetitive gameplay. That's when I discovered Disciple.

Disciple, from the stable of Resistor Productions, LLC, is a MMORPG targeted mainly towards adults. On Disciple, players are taken into the dark realms of a fantasy world known as Aphelion. Here players fight against eachother in real-time to achieve points along with weapons and armor to increase their ranking. The players compete for the virtual currency of Aphelion, called Geldor. And with the increase in their wealth, players can buy advanced armors and weapons. The game begins with 3 classes, 3 races, and 3 deities to worship. These choices will determine the foundation and play-style of the player's character throughout the game. Players can create or join clans of disciples to determine allies and enemies within the world.

Disciple is a free for all to play, and it is browser based. Which means, there is no download or install required to play Disciple. Although players can access additional content by paying a monthly fee. The minimum system requirements for Disciple are a broadband connection, FireFox 3, Safari 3, IE7 or IE8 or greater versions, Flash version 10 or greater, Windows or OSX and 1.8 GHz Processor and 1GB of RAM.

Okay, I accept that this is no World of WarCraft. But for a few hours of uninterrupted gameplay without having to download anything, Disciple should be a decent option.

Here is the official trailer for Disciple :

You can join Disciple from here. Do let me know whether you like playing Disciple, or if you have any other games in mind.

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Color Printing said...

Cool! Haven't heard of Disciple before but it looks like a really interesting MMORPG. Plus, what's great is i won't need to download or install anything! Makes for easier game playing. Will definitely try that when i have a couple of hours of free time on the computer. Thanks!

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