Thursday, May 07, 2009

Digg Integrates Facebook Connect

Digg has finally integrated Facebook Connect, which would allow the 200+ million Facebook members to login and start Digging and commenting right away. If you are already a Digg member, linking your account makes it easy to cross-post, sharing your Digg activities on your Facebook home page.

This new feature would allow you, as a Digg member, to automatically follow your Facebook friends on Digg, invite your friends to Digg from your Facebook Connect settings page in your profile. You will also have access to Digg friend features like the green story icons that appear once a friend has Dugg a story. So it would be easier for you to figure out whether a story was Dugg by a friend or not.

Moreover, as and when you would Digg, comment or submit a story, you’ll see a dialog window asking you whether you want to share that info with your Facebook friends. Since sharing at present isn’t automatic, so this setting would allow you to publish only the actions you want to share. All the preferences and privacy settings can be managed from the settings page in your profile. Should you ever choose to disable Facebook Connect, all personal information will be removed from the Digg site.

According to Digg founder Kevin Rose, this represents one of the largest and more complex Facebook integrations to date. You can connect your Facebook account to Digg from here. Now I guess apart from ignoring people who put up their Twitter stream on their Facebook status (I am being one of the guilty ones), you would also have to tolerate those who would irritate you with their incessant Diggings.

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Harsh Agrawal said...

I enabled the feature after seeing on official Digg blog, but It turns out to be very annoying because whenever we digg any article it enable a pop up saying Do you want to post it on facebook.
If you are an active digger who Digg more then 100 posts a day. You will always find this feature very annoying.

Its better to keep a check box, which can be used to publish any dugg article on your facebook wall.

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