Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Top Paying Adsense Keywords For Auto Blogs

Auto Blogs
Auto blogs are in abundance today. And most of them resort to Google Adsense for their advertising needs. But most of the auto bloggers don't know what are the top paying keywords for auto blogs. Here is a list of some of the top paying keywords suitable for an auto blog.

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car hire malaga
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car rental alicante

If you happen to have an auto blog, then write keyword rich articles with these keywords to maximize your earning.

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dent said...

Cool that's good to know. My blog is not an auto blog, but I use ad sense for revenue and its always good to know a few key words ;). check it out at: http://brokestarvingstudent.blogspot.com

Trader Course Reviews said...

Nice one. But the problem is my client don't want to put adsense on his blog I don't know why..hehe

Nwe, Thanks for sharing and very useful guide. A very informative content. Keep Posting

Meuledor said...

Nice list, I will use some of them. How can we get a list like that ? Is there any google tool?

Carta di credito Gratis said...

Very informative list. thanks to sharing this with us.

Leo said...
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