Friday, April 03, 2009

Milestone Of Success

Key to Success
Where did we come from?

So what's going on with R, me and The Chronicles of R? A lot, to say the least.

First of all, last Tuesday The Chronicles of R touched the 3000+ unique visitors per day mark. And now we have 1500+ unique visitors per day on an average. 1500+ unique visitors per day, can you believe that! Imagine that you are in a theater and you have 1500+ people listening to you speak, isn't it thrilling? Sure it is.

Secondly, yesterday The Chronicles of R got a PR 3 from a PR 0. As you all know that right after I shifted to this new domain, all my PR, backlinks and everything else was gone *poof*. They simply vanished into thin air. And that's pretty natural, as Google treats a new domain as a new site. I have explained that in a bit detail over here. But I was not afraid of losing my PR and backlinks for one simple reason. Because I believe. Yes my dear Constant Readers, I believe and belief or faith, as you might call it, can move heaven and earth.

So what did I believe in? I believed in two things. One, I had faith on my Constant Readers, that is you. I knew that PR or no PR, you would be able to differentiate between pure trash and a good read. And you did, even when I had a PR 0, you visited my site and I really appreciate it. Without you, The Chronicles of R would not have been what it is. The second thing that I believed in was myself. Till the time you don't start believing in yourself, you would not be able to move an inch ahead in the path of success. If you cannot convince yourself that what you are doing is good, how would you convince those thousands who would visit your site daily! So, believe in yourself.

Third came another big achievement. The Chronicles of R crossed the 50,000 visitors mark. Today we had the 50,000th visitor on The Chronicles of R. It was a very special moment.

One of the most important thing that had happened in the last few months is that I have made lots of friends. Here's I would like to mention two of them, only two of them because the complete list would be quite lengthy. So please don't take offense if you don't find your name here, I love you all.

The first person who comes in my mind is John Haydon. John, based out of Boston, MA, is a singer, blogger, a social media expert and a very good friend. When I landed up on his blog the first time, it was then that I realized what I was missing. He has written some brilliant articles on social media. He has a very unique quality as a blogger and loves to make his readers feel unique. How? Well, that's a surprise. Do visit his blog and find it out for yourself, but don't forget to leave a comment or two, he really loves to hear from his readers. You can find John on my friend's list on Facebook.

Second person I befriended was Rohini from Crazy Quilt. Although I knew her for quite some time now, yet, we hardly used to interact. But since the last few months, she had been a regular visitor on my blog and vice versa. And only when I started to follow her blog regularly did I understand that she has a unique way of putting things across to her readers. She never falls short of enthusiasm and loves to converse through the blog comments.

The next big thing that happened on The Chronicles of R is that it got mentioned by two bloggeratis. Once by Hugh McLeod of Gapingvoid, and then by Annie of BlogU fame. I would really like to thanks both of them.

Where are we headed?

Well this is surely not the end. A lot remains unsaid, unheard, untouched, unseen, and lot remains unsung. But to take The Chronicles of R to the next level, I would need all your help dear readers. Because it's only you who can make The Chronicles of R a success. And I believe in you.

And today, as a mark of gratitude, I want to gift you something. An eBook (PDF) called Deep Secrets of Successful Blogging, which contains the secret to successful blogging from 30 experts, including bloggeratis such as Darren Rowse, Chris Pirillo, Andy Sernovitz, Chris Betty, Aaron Wall and a lot more. It's FREE, absolutely, completely, no sign-ups required, although you can leave a comment and let me know how much did you enjoyed reading this eBook. I would love to hear from you. Simply click on this link and start the download.

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Deeptesh said...

Nice post.I liked it.I'm adding u on my blogger friends' list.And do let me know when u accept guest posts.Get well soon.

Julia Scissor said...

50K!! 5 followed by 4 zeroes is phenomenal. And so is 1500. It's thrice the number of page hits I get per day.

And I can't thank you enough for the mention. I take a deep, deep bow.

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

@Julia Scissor : The pleasure's all mine Mademoiselle. Do let me know if you like the eBook.

Technoziac said...

Wow, what a great website you have here. It is nice to see actual fresh content for a change. From one webmaster to another, I congratulate you for the effort you must have put in. I will definitely recommend your website to my readers which is highly related to your theme. Keep up the great work on your website!

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

@Technoziac : Thank you for your compliments. I appreciate it.

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