Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How To Become A Power StumbleUpon User

On April 13th, after almost 2 years being a subsidiary of eBay, StumbleUpon became an independent company once again. Prior to that, during the month of February, it had crossed the 7 million users mark. But inspite of these achievements, StumbleUpon does not get the publicity that it deserves.

Why should we be bothered about StumbleUpon?

Because it drives traffic, and in huge amount at that. And although the StumbleUpon traffic is notorious for having an itchy finger, yet one cannot deny it's potential for sending huge traffic which can range from 10 visitors per day to 10,000 visitors per day! But not just everyone can get registered on StumbleUpon and start driving traffic to their website. For that one has to become a Power StumbleUpon User or what we call a Power Stumbler.

So who are these bozos?

Just like we have Power Diggers and Power Reddit users, we also have Power Stumblers. They are not what StumbleUpon calls a Top Stumbler. A Top Stumbler may or may not be Stumbling to drive traffic, and there is no guarantee that a Top Stumbler would be able to drive traffic. StumbleUpon defines a Top Stumbler as a person who is the most active and helpful community member. Unfortunately, they may be active, but more often than not they are not helpful. On the contrary, a Power Stumbler, who may or may not be a Top Stumbler, has the ability to drive immense traffic to any website they want. And more often than not, these Power Stumblers are helpful.

So how to become a Power Stumbler?

Well, becoming a Power Stumbler is pretty simple but, yes ladies and gentlemen there's always a but, it's time consuming.

First of all, create a StumbleUpon profile if you haven't already. Then Stumble 10 really interesting articles per day within your niche, give them a Thumbs Up and write a review for them. Then find out who Stumbled those articles, you would be able to get that from the StumbleUpon toolbar itself and also from the review page. Stumble their profile and write a review for them. Then discover some really interesting articles (not from your site, not yet) and add them to the StumbleUpon network.

Do these for a 5-7 days, then start sending 10 friendship requests a day to other Power Stumblers. They might accept your request, if they don't cancel those pending requests after 2 days. StumbleUpon is a social networking site, so you must socialize in order to succeed. Continue this for another week or so. Remember to give a Thumbs Up and a review (if possible) to all the articles that your StumbleUpon friends share with you. Try to engage in a conversation with them, try getting some tips from them.

Continue this till you have about 900 Stumbles and 300 reviews. After that discover one of your articles, write a good review and share it with your friends on StumbleUpon. Don't ask them to give it a Thumbs Up, write something like "I hope you like this as much as I did" and enjoy the flow of visitors.

Here is a list of some of the Power Stumblers who has helped me a lot. You can befriend them if you want to.


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Will Burns said...

Nice article I liked it. You made some good points.

Anonymous said...

Spam to your browser with a pretty wrapping is still spam. I am so sick of the spammers mainly from India sending me the pages they are promoting.

Online-Marketing said...

I thing this is nice article but with this can we be a power user on Stumbleupon. What if we have interest in only marketing related website how do i filter those users.

nM said...

A very nice tips. I 'am new user with StumbleUpon and still searching how it's going to help me to built the traffic. And now I've found one. Thanks bro. I ill add you. :)

Sarang Dravid said...

I am really gonna follow this stuff.. thank you webmaster

The Fiery Source said...

Wow id all I can say. I knew Stumblers could send traffic and yes most of that traffic has no value as you pointed out they to often have a fast trigger. But recently I got a hugh amount of traffic on my blog due to stumblers. It's amazing what these power stumblers can send. Just wish whom ever stumbled my article would come back, LOL

cig said...

I have been meaning to write something like this on one of my blogs and this has given me an idea. Cheers.

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