Monday, April 20, 2009

Getting Started With Google Ad Manager Webinar

On April 21st at 11:00 AM PDT, Google is hosting a Webinar to help publishers get an overview of Google Ad Manager. The Getting Started with Google Ad Manager Webinar will feature a live demo of the Ad Manager, the Google Ad Manager team would share the best practices, and would help you to get started. You can sign up for the webinar here.

Ad Manager is an ad management solution from the stable of Google which is targeted towards smaller to medium direct sales teams. It can help you sell, schedule, deliver, and measure all of your directly sold and network-based inventory. If you are a publisher and operate a website with reserved and network ad inventory, or if you sell your ad inventory directly to advertisers or plan to sell directly to advertisers in the future then Ad Manager is the best solution for you.

Right at this point of time, Ad Manager is in it's Beta period. It integrates with your existing ad network(s) and you can also enable your AdSense account with it, so that you can deliver the highest paying ads. Although the Adsense inclusion is not mandetory. It automatically maximizes your CPMs and you save cost by cutting down on IT and hosting expenditure, so you have a higher ROI.

Ad Manager is FREE for now. However, according to Google Ad Manager may not always be free at all volumes, for all features or add-ons, or for all uses. But you need not worry about it as, it's specified in their terms of service that they would provide at least 90 days notice before implementing any fees. And within this period if you want you can opt out of the service. Support for Ad Manager comes in the form of an online help center and a moderated user forum. For advanced services like ad trafficking, consultation and training, you can also contact a certified consultant from Google.

There are a number of alternatives available to Ad Manager, which includes OpenX and Pubmatic, which was a TechCrunch40 finalist. But if you are planning to go by the Google brand name and give the Ad Manager a try, you can sign up here. And here are some optimization tips and some more reviews for Google Ad Manager:

Optimization Tips, TechCrunch review, Pro Blogger review

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