Friday, April 24, 2009

Change : The Only Constant In Our Lives

The only thing that's constant in our lives is change, it's continuum ad infinitum. And those who can adapt to change are the people who succeed. If you cannot change, if you cannot adapt yourself to change, you would be left alone. And like Confucius said, "They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom".

There are some big changes coming up on The Chronicles of R. These changes were inevitable and I was well prepared for them. The Chronicles of R was a personal blog, I usually posted my works as a poet, few things about my love for R and occasionally, a few technical articles. But today, with daily visits of 2000+ visitors on an average, The Chronicles of R must take a more professional shape, and it should remain that way.

The Chronicles of R would continue to mold into the shape of a tech blog, it would represent my views about the latest trends in the technology, social media and marketing arena, and how these can help in building relationships and delivering values. I would also be guest posting for BlogCritics and TechnologyProfessionals, and continue to write blurbs for Technorati whenever I get a chance.

So would I not be posting about R anymore? Of course I would. Without R there is not me! But R would have a new home, something only for her. You would not miss out on anything. So where would be R's new home? You can find the Dreams of R here. This would contain all my future poems, books and movie reviews et al. And it would be the dream house for R and me. Whatever was posted till now about R on The Chornicles of R would remain here, you can head over to the archives to go through them as I would be removing the tags from the main page.

Your suggestions are most welcome. Do let me know what more you want to see on The Chronicles of R and at Dreams of R. And a special thanks to Kelley for suggesting this wonderful name, Dreams of R. It's as beautiful as her imagination.

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Brenda said...

Congratulations on 2,000 visitors per day and your move towards moving the blog towards a more professional look. Good luck on your new personal blog and on maintaining the popularity of this one.

pharmaceutical management recruitment said...

Being one of the silent 2,000 I look forward to seeing how the blog develops.

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