Saturday, March 21, 2009

Undo Thyself

So, at last you have come back from your Vegas trip. You feel really tired, yet you don't wanna waste even a minute to show your photos to your girlfriend. So you open your computer, download your photos from your cam, zip them in a file and sooosh! There they go to Beth, she would be so happy to see them. Except, hey, wait! They had photos of you with Joanna, your ex-girlfriend! You should not have send it to her so fast, this is what happens every time you do something without thinking! Now she would bombard you with questions, she would not speak to you for days to come, you might even have a break-off!

Whoa whoa whoa! Relax buddy! Everything's under control, take a chill pill. But before that, do you see that Undo link just above your Gmail inbox? Click on it, yes, go ahead it won't bite you back. Good, now check your Drafts. Whoa, magic! Do you see the email that you had sent to Beth a few minutes back? Yes, remember the new feature you had activated from Gmail labs ? You don't!

Well, Gmail has finally introduced a new Undo feature. We could Undo everything in Gmail except for already sent emails. Even though you tried your bit somehow by disconnecting the net, closing the browser or maybe by unplugging the computer from the wall, but somehow Gmail always won. Not anymore, now all you need to do is turn on that Undo Send feature in Google labs and voila! The email stays in your inbox for a whole of 5 seconds, that's the time they give you to change your mind. Although you can increase it to a full 10 seconds, which I think is enough time for you to change your mind. Okay, it's a different story if you are a Libra like me, nobody cares about a jolly old Libra, why would they, we keep changing our minds every now and then. But isn't it a nifty feature! Now once you change your mind, just click on the Undo Send link and you email comes back to your Gmail inbox as a draft. Wish life also had an Undo link *sigh*

Moral of the story, subscribe to The Chronicles of R and have a happy love life for the rest of eternity.

[P.S. Cheating on your girlfriend maybe hazardous to your health.]

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Julia Scissor said...

That's useful only if you commit a gross error and realise it really fast. I wish I had the software with which you could pull back an email which has already reached the recipient's inbox.

nisha said...

Thats useful info, though i still love yahoo for sending and receiving mails ;-)... but i wish the same as Julia above :-)

BTW, visit my most recent post to know how you can get that buy me a 'coffee' or 'beer', under your blog post!

Take care.. wish you a nice 'day', oops, 'night'! hehe

aninda said...

Nice info ... somehow frankly i feeel u shld change the blog name or whtever ... i being an avid reader dont find any resemblance to wht u used to write earlier .... sorry but now i feel u r driving it for the sake of just getting more readers n hits

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