Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tweetmeme Introduces ReTweet Buttons

One of the best ways to promote your articles is to put them on Twitter. Once you tweet the link to your articles, if people find them interesting they would start retweeting those links and that link/article would thus get more exposure. Here your responsibility is to make it as easy as possible to retweet your articles. For that you can resort to Tweetmeme's ReTweet button.

A few days back, Tweetmeme has introduced it's ReTweet button. One single line of JavaScript and you're in business. It would help your readers retweet your content with one click, along with that it would also display the number of times that link has been retweeted. So not only are you having the benefit of getting your links easily retweeted, you are also getting free stats from which you can easily learn which one of your article your readers like the most. The button comes in 3 varieties. They also have a WordPress plugin.

You can download the code for your ReTweet button from here. Also you can see the full documentation on the WordPress plugin here. But before you do that, subscribe to The Chronicles of R to be notified when we are updated.

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