Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sun Microsystem : A Walk In The Clouds

Cloud Computing
Finally, Sun Microsystem has joined the bandwagon. Although, they are a bit late, but then it's always better late than never, right?

Yesterday, Venture Beat reported that Sun Microsystem has finally decided to build up their own empire on the clouds. Yes, Sun Microsystem has entered the cloud computing arena. It would be quite interesting to watch, with most of the key players like Amazon, Google and Microsoft already in the game, what does Sun has to offer different.

To answer that question, GigaOm's Stacey Higginbotham say that the key features for Sun's success would be the platform’s openness and interoperability. According to Stacey:

Sun intends to capitalize on this ability to move data from cloud to cloud with its Virtual Data Center management software. The software allows for an IT manager to provision the cloud by building up a virtual data center in a dashboard. Essentially it translates the cloud into units with which an enterprise IT person is already familiar, rather than having them focus on command line APIs. Much of the intellectual property and ideas behind the Virtual Data Center software and Sun’s multicloud management efforts come from its purchase of Q-Layer earlier this year.
Also, at the same time there are news of IBM, aiming to increase its presence on the web, is planning to purchase Sun. The Wall Street Journal reports that IBM is willing to pay as much as $6.5 billion for the acquisition. To know more, keep tuned in to The Chronicles of R, consider subscribing the my RSS feed.

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