Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Redesign Google

Google Redesigned
So you're not kinda happy with the preset themes that the Gmail Lab gives you? And you really don't wanna go through the mess of creating a theme with colors of your choice using the "choose your own colors" option o'er there. Nothing to fear when the Google Redesigned is here. Did that bring a smile on your face? Well, then wait till you read this completely, and I am sure it would broaden your smile by another inch or so.

Google Redesigned is a pretty neat Firefox extension which does cool things like load the various styles that are developed by Globex Designs which aim to redesign various Google services. So it changes the way certain Google website look without affecting their functionality in any way. Google Redesigned, which originally started as a single CSS file trying to redesign Google's Gmail service, has since grown to incorporate other various Google services and pages. The Google Redesigned extension offers the popular Globex Designs styles in a single, self-updating extension.

Using the extension is quite simple. After you install the extension and restart your browser - everything is already setup for you. As soon as you visit a Google service which has a style associated with it, Google Redesigned will automatically download the latest version of the style and load it. You should also notice a small Google Redesigned Icon icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. From here you can do a few things like check for new updates to styles manually you can press the "Check for Style Updates" button. This will let you know if any styles updates are available and if they are, the styles will be installed. If you don't click the button, the extension will automatically check for updates on a daily basis and install them for you. From the menu you'll also be able to enable and disable the individual styles which are available. You can also view their Source, Change Logs and Submit Bug Reports to the Globex Designs forums.

Google Redesigned is built for Mozilla based browsers (Firefox, Flock, IceWeasel, and such). Firefox 3 and Flock 2 are highly recommended as certain styles will not work correctly on older versions of the Gecko engine. As well the Firefox 3 engine provides much faster performance for handling these styles. Version 0.2 introduces the long-awaited GReader Redesigned style which adds the popular Redesigned look to the Google Reader service. As well, version 0.2 has a revamped automatic update algorithm which should help make the extension speedier than ever.

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