Friday, March 13, 2009

Red Nose Day

Today is Red Nose Day. Simply put, we take some fantastic fundraising in schools, offices and homes across the land, mix it with the nation’s favorite celebrities getting up to all kinds of mischief, sprinkle a new Red Nose (or three!) across the entire UK and add a cracking night of comedy on BBC One to make Red Nose Day the phenomenon it is. All this funny business unites the nation in trying to make a difference to the lives of thousands of people – and the best thing is - it works! This year, to be part of Red Nose Day 2009, you just need to Do Something Funny for Money!

Comic Relief was launched on Christmas Day in 1985, live on BBC One. At that time, a devastating famine was crippling Ethiopia and something had to be done. That something was Comic Relief. The idea was simple - Comic Relief would make the public laugh while they raised money to help people in desperate need. Before too long, Red Nose Day was created and the first ever event in 1988 raised a staggering £15m.

The eleven Red Nose Days have so far raised more than £420m. That money has helped, and is helping, to support people and communities in dire need both in the UK and Africa. The most important thing to remember is that Red Nose Day changes lives - thanks to the money you raise. Whether it’s supporting orphans in Africa who’ve lost their parents to Aids, or helping older people in the UK who are abused by someone they should be able to trust - Comic Relief will use the money you raise to help people in desperate need. Your cash will give thousands of people who face discrimination, injustice or grinding poverty the chance to transform their lives.

Red Nose Day 2007 - The Big One - really did live up to its name. Everyone in schools, offices and homes across the land pulled out all the stops to raise cash. You name it, they did it! And a big thank you goes to each and every one of them for raising a record breaking £67,726,409 to change lives! From the moment the iconic London Eye turned red, the entire nation went Red Nose Day mad. Over six million people bought our biggest Red Nose ever, our two fantastic singles, featuring Girls Aloud and The Sugababes, and Peter Kay with the Proclaimers hit the top spot. millions of viewers tuned in to watch the big night of telly - which featured Catherine Tate, Borat and Rick Gervais to name but a few. It was a massively successful Red Nose Day campaign.

Good news is,
Red Nose Day is back and it's today! To raise the funds online simply head over to the Red Nose Day site, or you can download a fundraiser form from here. But remember, you need to Do Something Funny for Money!

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