Sunday, March 08, 2009

Ready For Vote-a-Rama?

This is not an article with a catchy headline to attract readers, neither am I going to preach you about the benefits of casting your vote. No, I am not going to do that, because I myself am not quite convinced about the benefits, if there is any that is.

With the elections being just round the corner, the brouhaha over voting has taken a new level. Everyone seems to admonish me about the fact that I should vote including companies who have nothing to do with the election whatsoever. Even they have come up with their own campaigns. No, not political campaigns, instead they have started preaching about the benefits of voting. Politicians have resoted to technology for propagating their political agendas to the masses. Every day when I open a blog or two, I see an Adsense ad with a well known face telling me why should I vote for him, what would he do for me if he becomes the Prime Minister.

My question is, what's in it for me? Wait, hear me before you start shouting that this is my fundamental right and if I don't then the world would turn flat and everyone would fall off it's edge and I would suffer from irregular bowel movements for the rest of my life. Whoa! I must have heard it a thousand times, and I did caste my vote after hearing these words of eternal wisdom. But nothing has changed. Corruption is on the rise as it always was. The scene in the job market was bad anyways, but now the politicians have found an excuse, recession! The crime rate chart is shooting the sky. So why should I vote?

And now, I am more confused as to who should I vote for? We have all seen what happens inside the Parliament, live, on television. We have seen the politicians jumping on the chair, throwing paper balls, shouting, creating rukus, in some extreme cases even resorting to scuffles. Are they any better than a ruffian? Think about it, are these the politicians who you would like to elect as the Prime Minister of our country? Do you really think any of these politicians deserve that respect to be called a Prime Minister? So you really think anything would change, which has not till date, if only you go and caste a vote?

Basic education is also a fundamental right. Child labor is a continuous problem in India, and these children don't get a square meal a day, forget education. What about their fundamental right to basic education? Why are people only bothered about the fundamental right to caste a vote? Just so that we can elect a Prime Minister and see him take decisions for the country, his country, which are already decided by some other entity? Just so that we can pay some more taxes to see the entertainment show that goes on inside the Parliament? Just to see that the politicians eating the cream at my expense?

Could you please answer my questions? Any of you?

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Manisha said...

Its true. I couldn't agree more with you about the entire voting issue. I was writing an article about the same thing the other day, but it never got complete.

Elections and democracy have become a joke in this country. I am sick of tea manufacturers trying to 'awaken' our 'guilty non-voting' conscience. What's the point?! I don't care about 'voting' being my 'duty' towards the nation. Gimme someone worth voting for, and I'll vote from my death bed. Gimme a bunch of clowns for candidates, and I'd rather die than vote.

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

@Manisha : The politicians in our country are more interested in forming coalitions rather than finding solutions. This is what happens when you borrow the socio-political ideologies for running your country from someone else.

Essaywriter.co.uk Review said...

Election time is really a busy time (especially for the politicians) yet some people still don't feel like the government is at their side. Some nations feel like there is not government at all that they can turn to.

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