Monday, March 23, 2009

New Features on Technorati

On March 17th, Jen McLean announced some major changes on the Technorati blog. From now on, you would be able to contribute blurbs on article pages and reviews of your favorite blogs, and you can now auto-tweet all your content.

Blurbs are micro articles submitted by the users which allows them to add content and references around their areas of expertise or interest. Technorati has now added blurbs to every post and tag page on Technorati.com. You would also be able to automatically generate a post to your Twitter account - blurb, tweet and update any other platform you use Twitter to update, all at once when you blurb.

Also you would be able to review your favorite blog. There is a 1000 word text-box on every blog page where you would be able to submit your reviews. Your reviews will appear on that blog's information page. Moreover, these blog reviews and blurbs also link back to your Technorati profile where readers can see your blogs, blurbs, watchlists and favorites.

So go ahead and post your reviews about The Chronicles of R here. Also, if you are a first time visitor, subscribe to my RSS feed to be notified when The Chronicles of R gets updated.

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Julia Scissor said...

I have noted Technorati always keeps improving. The blog review part is good.
BTW, I just noticed that your posts don't show up on my google feed reader. Only the title and feed flare is displayed. I don't know if it's a problem with the reader or my settings but the rest of my Blogger subscriptions are displaying properly.

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