Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Live Stream On Your Blogspot Blog

Live streaming
Have you ever thought of live streaming on your Blogspot blog? Think it's impossible? The answer is, NO! You can live stream even on your Blogspot blog. There are a number of services that are available FREE on the internet that lets you do the same. One of the services that I personally like is Qik.

Qik is a service that lets you live stream from your cell phone to the web, where your audience can chat back in real time to your device's screen while you broadcast. You can even stream Qik to Twitter, all you need to do is login to Qik and go to your profile page, then in the section marked Twitter, enter your Twitter username and password and you are good to go.

To use Qik, all you need is a phone. They have added support even for Nokia S60 phones, so even if you have a Nokia 3250 you can be up and running in no time. You will also need a Data Plan from your service provider; it is also advisable to have an Unlimited Data Plan as video streaming can consume a considerable amount of bandwidth. Security is pretty much granular, you can select individual videos and set those as private, or set your streams to be private from your phone which will then set the default privacy for all your future streams.

They have an email Customer Service and a Support Forum for their users. So help is just a click away. Joining takes only a minute, although you need to be 13+ to use Qik. Live streaming is a good way to make your blog/site engaging.

So start live streaming and see your traffic increase!

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