Thursday, March 19, 2009

Internet Explorer 8 Gold Released

Internet Explorer 8
Microsoft today has launched Internet Explorer 8 Gold. For quite a while now, Microsoft is trying to fit in the browser war. But somehow I feel that Internet Explorer 8 has a long way to go before it can actually compete with the likes of Firefox.

The first and foremost reason that I would not like to use Internet Explorer 8 is because of it's strict adherence to coding standards. Although it's a commendable move , yet I would say it's dubious as most of the web is not build up adhering to these coding standards.

Internet Explorer 8 has a long list of such websites with compatibility issues. So, it comes with a "Compatibility View" button, that will “fix” a seemingly incompatible site if the user knows to press it. In January, Microsoft added a downloadable list of sites that would automatically trigger IE 8 to move directly to compatibility mode, rather than standards mode. This list of compatible sites is being updated regularly.

But my point is how would I know whether a site, which is not on the Internet Explorer 8 compatibility list, is being displayed properly on not? So, like Mary-Jo Foley says, I would have to click on the Compatibility View button for every site I visit just to check whether I am missing something on-screen or not! I really don't think that Internet Explorer 8 and I would click.

And the best part is, along with many other reputable sites like Apple.com, CNN.com, eBay, Facebook, Google.com, NYTimes.com and Mashable.com being on the list, Microsoft.com itself is on the Compatibility list! It's quite a lot to say that their own site does not work on their own browser.

And then there are age old issues like lack of Firefox-like extensions, speed etc. which also plays quite a part in hampering the usability of Internet Explorer 8. Overall, I would stick to my Firefox, but would you like to give Internet Explorer 8 a try? If you really want to, than below are the links to the press release and download page. But before that, don't forget to subscribe to The Chronicles of R to remain updated about such news, views and reviews from the world of technology, literature and entertainment.

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