Saturday, March 14, 2009

How To Compress Your MS Office Files

File Compression Software
Often we want to attach out PowerPoint presentation, or maybe the Excel sheet from the accounts department and get stuck while doing that because most of these files are large in size. And to add to the injury, even if you zip the file using WinZip, more often than not, the file remains still too large to be used as an attachment! In these case we use a file compression software.

NXPowerLite is a software which not only compresses your MS Office files, but it also optimizes them to increase productivity. It reduces the file-size upto 95%. And the advantage of using NXPowerLite is that it does not zip the file and so, the file remains in the original format.

NXPowerLite comes in 2 flavors, a
Desktop Edition and a Server Edition. The Desktop Edition is pretty easy to use - simply select a Word, Excel or PowerPoint file, choose your compression level and click the 'Optimize' button. Alternatively NXPowerLite can integrate with Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes and automatically optimize any documents in the background as you send them. A free trial version is available for download from their website.

The Server Edition, on the other hand, reclaims vast amounts of file server storage and reduces network traffic and shorten backup windows. A 30 days evaluation copy is available for the Server Edition which runs the software in a "dry run" mode. In this mode, NXPowerLite will examine the files on your servers and create a report showing exactly how much storage space you could save. The software comes with a 'quick-start' guide, which will get you up and running within minutes.

Compatible with servers running Microsoft Windows 2000 or later. However, it can be tasked to optimize content on other platforms, for example NetWare servers. NXPowerLite works with Lotus Notes clients versions 6.0.x - 8.0. Microsoft Office integration requires Office 2000 or later. The Server Edition requires JScript 5.5 or later.

NXPowerLite is being used by brands like Coca Cola, Sony, L'Oreal, Cisco, Lufthansa et al. To give it a try, simply go over to their website and download the latest version.

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