Saturday, March 21, 2009


I have hardly said anything about my friends till date, except for a few dedications. So today I thought about writing something about my friends. I think you would be able to know me a bit more from them, as I believe that a man's friends go a long way to describe his character.


Anindita - I know her since Hector was a pup. Why wouldn't I, she's my Dee Dee of course. Well, some people come into our lives as friends, and then they become family. Anindita came into my life as family, and she remained family. That's why she is in the family section.

Anindita is one of the most down to earth person I have ever seen in my life, and trust me, I haven't seen many. Until about 4-5 months of her acquaintance, I didn't even knew that she was the sister of Anindya Da. She had been there by my side through all the good and bad times from the beginning, even before The Chronicles of R was born.

She is very good in giving vocal tonics. And she can make one laugh even in if she is going through a tough time herself. A person who is not afraid to say the truth. She blogs too, Anindita writes here.


Madhurima - Well, what to say about her, one of my best friends, an animator by profession and a bit adorably insane. Maybe that's why I still have not changed her name on my IM to Madhurima, it's still Madzee! A nice person to chill-out with, she is an avid reader. Unfortunately, she does not have a blog, not yet. But she is planning to get one soon.

Sharmi - Does she needs an introduction? Hell no! Yes ladies and gentlemen, she is the lady who loves to spit venom on The Chronicles of R. A tomboy, lunatic, singer, blogger, crack, queer, irritating, nonsensical, cockeyed optimist, and of course, last but not the least, one of the most sweetest girl on earth. If I ever made a top 10 lists of friends, she won't be there. Some people are not supposed to be in any lists, she is one of them.

Nisha - Well, her best introduction would be that she is a mommy blogger, and I guess the only person ever who wrote a poem for me. And of course, she is my personal Santa Clause who never forgets to wish me at 12 midnight on every occasion, be it my birthday, Christmas or New Year. She surely knows how to make me feel special.

Jinia - If there is someone I love to irritate in the whole world, it's her. And I don't even need to put an effort, why I just need to remind her that she is from a village (even though she is not). I am sort of a soul-mate for her. We fight over the stupidest things on earth, as if if we don't fight atleast once a day the world will come to an end. But she means a lot to me. Unfortunately, she does not blog either.

Paridhi - Remember reading Finding Forrester? Well, Paridhi is the girl who wrote the first poem in Finding Forrester. And since then, she had inspired to write numerous poems. She had inspired me to see life in a different way, in sepia, in grayscale and then, in colors. A very well read person, she was the first one to introduce me to streams of consciousness. Very odd indeed, but she knows which of my poems I like the most, without me ever telling her about it.

Sam - Sanghamitra alias Sam. Sounds like a Mumbai ka Don? Well, she is anything but that. Another person for whom I am a soul-mate. I understand her a lot, and it maybe pure coincidence, but on numerous occasions I understood things she wanted to tell me without her mentioning them. A very nice friend to say the least. She has a blog too, but I am not allowed to publish it here. It's a private blog. The main quality of her that I find attractive about her is her ability to face the truth. She really deserves an applaud for that.


Rochak - Probably the only ex-colleague of mine with whom I am still in touch. Does he needs an introduction either? No, he does not. You already know a lot about him. I don't have many male friends *ahem*, he is one amongst them. He is one of the most helpful guys that I have ever met, and we share something in common. We both are geeks, only, I am the official geek, he's not. Ro-the-Chak, are you listening?

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Rochak Chauhan said...

Thanks buddy.... but you should remember "..thou shall not brag about being Geeks..."

LOL... It's a pleasure to meet you in EXL :D

andy said...

Thanxs ---a ton ---well wat to say bout him..met him thru orkut and we clicked of so well..he is a brat ,talkative at times get swayed easily ..but i am there to take his "ear ..long independence"as per him.He is very expressive when it comes to word and i love him for that --may god bless you ..bro ...

andy said...

Thanxs a ton --wat to say bout him --a brat,talkative a very good blogger needless to say -he gets easily swayed at times --but i am there to take his "ear long independence" as per him...and i vouch for it .Overall he is a sweetheart..may god bless you in all your endeavours...

nisha said...

I don't want to mention the word because you disapprove of it, yet, thanks a million :-)

Being someones personal Santa means the world to me.. and that's why i can make you feel special, coz remember, am special too just like Santa himself.. as everyone cant be a Ms Santa :-)

And you are Raj- my sweetest, dearest, and best est friend :-)

Sh@rMi said...

ha re hatovaga..ektao ki chele bandhu thakte nei tor? [:X]
btw toke ekta cadbury ghush debo next din dekha hole par...[:P]

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