Thursday, March 26, 2009

Clear Your Search History

Online Privacy
All of us would like to maintain out privacy, especially when we are online. Now one of the best way to do that is to clear your search history. And although we often buy/install softwares to do the same, all the while running a risk of installing Spywares on our computers through those softwares, it only takes a minute to do exactly the task those software does, manually. And then, you would not have to worry about your spouse to come across those pesky sites your visited for those naughty pictures, nor would your spouse know about the new fur jacket the you bought using his credit card.

Since most of us use Google, to
clear your search history from the Google you must first understand that these search results are stored in your browser, and not on Google's end. Now you have 2 options, you can either clear the search history from your browser, or you can configure your browser so that it does not store any of your search results. How to do that? Here's the answer.

Internet Explorer:

To clear your search history -

1. Go to the "Tools" menu.
2. Click on "Internet Options".
3. Under the "General Tab", in the "Browsing History" section click the "Delete" button.
4. In the "Delete Browsing History" box, click on the "Delete forms" button under the "Form Data" section.
5. Click on "Yes" and it would delete all your search history.

To disable Internet Explorer from storing your search history -

1. Go to the "Tools" menu.
2. Click on "Internet Options".
3. Go to the "Content" tab.
4. Click on the "Settings" button under the "AutoComplete" section.
5. Uncheck the "Forms" option, click on Ok.
6. Click on Ok on the "Internet Options" box once again.

In Firefox:

To clear your search history -

1. Go to the "Tools" menu.
2. Click on "Options".
3. Go to the "Privacy" tab.
4. In the "Private Data" section, click on the "Settings" button to make sure that the "Saved Form and Search History" box is checked. Click Ok to go back to the "Privacy" tab.
5. Click on the "Clear Now" button under the "Private Data" section.

To disable Firefox from storing your search history -

1. Go to the "Tools" menu.
2. Click on "Options".
3. Go to the "Privacy" tab.
4. Uncheck the " Remember what I enter in forms and the search bar" option and click on Ok.

Now almost all of us use the Google toolbar, to delete your search history from your Google toolbar or disable the option from storing your search history on the Google toolbar, you need to complete the following simple steps.

To clear search history from Google Toolbar -

1. Click on the drop-down in the search box.
2. Click on "Clear Search History".

To disable Google Toolbar from storing your search history -

1. Click on the "Settings" drop-down menu on the Google Toolbar and click on "Options".
2. Click on "Search Box Settings".
3. Uncheck the "Save the search history across browser sessions" options.
4. Click on Ok to return to the "Options" box.
5. Click on Ok once again.

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Anonymous said...

Come on now.... we all know that it is all just tucked away into another part of the computer if you use this method. Not actually gone, even my 5 yr old son can get it back

Rochak Chauhan said...

@Anonymous You may be partially right, here is what do in that case:

Step #1) Go to http://www.filehippo.com/
Step #2) Look under "Cleaning and Tweaking" and download the latest version of "CCleaner"
Step #3) Install it and run it.

Not only it will clean your PC/laptop, it will also make it 10% faster (if you clear redundant entries from the registry)

Anonymous said...

This guide is every PornAddicts must have xD

seat for sale said...

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Anonymous said...

In CCleaner, clear the cache too.

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