Monday, March 16, 2009

Back To Eden

At night, when everyone falls asleep,
I lie awake, looking at the sky
Through the Window of captivity,
Looking down upon us.

Infinite, limitless, gilded with stars,
Proud in it's existence,
Silent observer of myriad emotions,
Heartbreaks and heartaches.

And I think of you, imagine
Your voice coming to me from beyond
The realms of this universe,
Surreal, loving, caring, warm,
Haunting the haunted.

It makes me want you, love you.

It makes me want to destroy the last
Remnant of humanity, the fossils of
The fake religion of relationships,
The chains of the pregnant civilization,
Ready to give birth to another apocalypse.

I want to destroy them all.

I want to go back to the gardens of Eden.
I want to build the fruits
Of forbidden passion.
Where, only love remains, in it's
Guileless exuberance.

And remains the souls,
Unharmed, unmasked, unscathed, untouched,
Souls of you and me.

[Dedicated to a little girl who is the Realm of my life. She is my influence, my support and a lot more. More than I would ever understand, more than she would ever realize.]

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nisha said...

Oh, excellent, excellent!!! deep inside, like always, one can not only imagine but feel reality within your poems..

Seems like your intense emotions are mellowing out.. so full of passion, and with the ability to heal and inspire :)

Arnab Majumdar said...

Wow, that was fantastic there! Beautifully worded there man...

Priya said...

One of the best you've written so far. Lucky girl, aye? Loved the last three lines..adored them!

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

@Nisha and Arnab : Thank you for your comments.

@Priya : Yes, this is one of the best I have written so far. Glad you like it.

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